The performance of the fledgling online lending market will get a fresh look when industry leaders OnDeck Capital (NYSE:ONDK) and Lending Club (NYSE:LC) report their first-quarter earnings next week. OnDeck is first up, reporting after the market close Monday. It will be the second earnings report since OnDeck raised $200 million in an initial public offering on Dec. 18, which priced at 20.

OnDeck Capital stock closed at 19.29 Friday, up a fraction.

The company provides an online platform where businesses can borrow money from OnDecks own pool of capital, accessed through a variety of sources.

The consensus estimate by analysts polled by Thomson Reuters calls for revenue...

As federal officials attempt to thread the needle between restricting predatory lending and ensuring that emergency loans remain available to Americas poorest, theyre trying to create a new and adaptable system of rules. But in one state, the traditional approach to payday lending is producing a strange public relations fight between lawmakers, a governor, Native American tribes, and a mysterious DC-based conservative PAC.

Months after Connecticut regulators imposed a large fine on an unlicensed internet lender, a series of billboards showed up near the state’s highways accusing Gov. Dannel Malloy (D) of attacking the economic future of American Indians. The campaign made a big splash...

The Liberal Democrats have accused their election rivals of planning to use Severn Bridge tolls as a cash-cow when they return to public ownership.

The party says scrapping the tolls in 2018 would save commuters up to £1,300 a year more than other parties plans.

Lib Dem candidate Jenny Willott called the tolls a huge barrier to business.

Conservative Chancellor George Osborne announced in his March Budget that Severn Bridge tolls for cars and vans will be cut to £5.40 in 2018.

Ms Willott said: Tolls are extremely rare in the UK, so I see no reason why people should be forced to pay to enter Wales.

Former Hot Boy Turk files a default motion against Cash Money.

In February, Turk, an original member of the Hot Boys, who released their first record with Cash Money in 1997, filed a lawsuit against his former label to the tune of $1.3 million. Initially, Cash Money was given until March 11, a three week deadline, to respond. Birdman amp; co. filed for an extension, pushing the deadline back one month further. April 11th has come and gone, and still no response from Cash Money.

Now, Turk is making one last effort to get his money. On April 29, Turks attorney filed a default motion against Cash Money, which, if granted, will award Turk his money...

PGamp;E’s Humboldt Bay trust fund, for instance, is currently $308 million short, according to a company filing to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. PGamp;E customers will shoulder the cost in the form of higher electricity bills.

“Somebody’s got to pay for it — the money doesn’t come from magic,” said Allison M. Macfarlane, a former NRC chairman. Brittany McKannay, a PGamp;E spokeswoman, said the company is committed to operating and decommissioning its nuclear plants safely.

The US nuclear industry is feeling its age. Once touted as a source of electricity that would be “too cheap to meter,” plants need expensive upgrades...

Whats more, much of the growth is in loans collateralized by riskier non-owner-occupied commercial real estate. Last year, that loan category grew by 17.8 percent at New Jerseys banks, the highest rate since before the financial crisis, said Robert Kafafian, president of The Kafafian Group.

And regulators clearly see greater risk on the non-owner-occupied real estate, Kafafian said.

The worry for community bankers is that under Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. guidelines, banks with high concentrations of commercial real estate loans — including construction loans for both commercial and residential properties — may face greater regulatory scrutiny,...


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Ocwens web snares sale of Home Loan Service Solutions
by contributor Dan Freed|Published April...

It was a Pedroia-esque laser that broke a scoreless inning streak of 15.

The Ballad of Logan Forsythe

The bottom of the third inning belonged to Logan Forsythe, who, already out-of-place during the shift, had to dive to his right to stop a ball from leaving the infield. Logan popped up, and made a strong throw to first to catch a hustling Caleb Joseph with time to spare. The dive was impressive, but the throw mightve been more so. Loney barely had to stretch for it.

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It began with a seemingly wacky idea to reinvent banking as we know it. But no one is scoffing at peer-to-peer lending anymore — least of all, Wall Street.

Barely a decade old, “P2P” has gone mainstream and is now being co-opted by some of the big financial players it was supposed to bypass.

Investment funds can’t get enough of this business, which involves lending to people over the Internet and hoping they pay you back. Investors are snapping up the loans directly, while the banks are bundling them into securities, much as they did with subprime mortgages.