Debates are over. The United States Supreme Court has held that same-sex marriage is a Constitutional right. What does the decision inObergefell v. Hodges mean for banks?

The Equal Credit Opportunity Act and Regulation B require equal treatment of applicants without discrimination based on marital status or gender. What is allowed and what is prohibited is not always clear. Economic differences between married customers and single or not-married-to-each-other customers make it difficult to sort through the rules.

Because same-sex marriage is now a constitutional right, this is a good time to look at how Regulation B addresses same-sex marriage and marital status change.


Next, one of Britain’s biggest high street retailers, banked almost pound;170m in interest charges last year from shoppers using its online and catalogue credit service.

The windfall highlights how the company has used the Next Directory service to become one of the biggest players in the clothing industry. However, it could also prompt accusations of double standards against its chief executive, Lord Wolfson, a Conservative peer who earlier this year called the living wage “irrelevant” and warned of a squeeze on household incomes since the financial crisis.

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Next enjoyed...

South Africa’s market for loans not backed by collateral may shrink by a quarter if government proposals to cap interest rates win approval, said analysts at Avior Capital Markets who spoke with unsecured lender Capitec Bank Ltd.

“Management expect the formal unsecured credit market to shrink by about 20 billion rand ($1.57 billion) per year due to interest rate caps,” Avior analysts Harry Botha, WJ De Vries and Bjorn Zietsman said in a note to clients.

South Africa’s department of trade and industry has suggested cutting the maximum interest rate lenders can charge on unsecured credit to 24.78 percent from 32.65 percent, with the aim of reducing indebtedness...

Tri-C selects top students for Honors Program Fellowships

August 10, 2015: Twenty-eight of Northeast Ohio’s top
high school graduates have been selected for a

Community College’s Honors Program
Fellowship, which offers scholarships to cover tuition, fees and
books as they work toward an associate degree.

The College’s second fellowship class features students with at
least a 3.5 GPA and exceptional ACT/SAT scores. By entering the
scholarship program, they commit to being full-time students and
earning a degree from Tri-C within two years.

The students signed commitment letters...

When looking for a credit card, its not just the interest that can add up. Consumers need to pay close attention to the fees that can be tacked on as well. is out with a list of cards with the most and fewest fees, and both First Premier Banks credit card and its secured MasterCard topped the worst list, with a dozen potential charges.

The PenFed Promise Visa Card was a consumers best bet, charging no fees at all. But it was the exception, with the survey of 100 cards finding that the average card piled on six different fees.

More than anything, this survey proves just how important it is for people to shop around for cards, says Matt Schulz, senior industry...

This commercially sensible decision of the Court of Appeal considers the position of a lender making loans that are not regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (the CCA) but using documentation which purports to comply with the CCA and headed with the statement Fixed sum loan agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

The Facts

The Defendants, and other borrowers in their circumstances, entered into an unsecured credit agreement with the Claimant which allowed them to borrow up to 95% of the value of their home on a secured basis and further take out a fixed sum unsecured loan of up to 30% of the value of their home, capped at pound;30,000. The unsecured element of pound;30,000...

Key West Hotel Acquisition

The Company acquired the 184-suite Sheraton Suites Key West, located in Key West, Florida for $94.0 million on June 30, 2015. The purchase price represents a 12.8 multiple on forecasted 2015 Hotel Adjusted EBITDA. The hotel will continue to be managed by Ocean Properties, a leading third party manager that operates six hotels in Key West. The Company believes that there is upside in its investment by repositioning the Hotel over the next year into an all-suites, independent, boutique resort. The Company expects to improve the hotels profit margins by approximately 500 basis points and expects the hotel to generate approximately $9.5 to $10.0 million of annual...

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) recently issued an advisory bulletin that offers guidance on Federal Home Loan Banks (FHLBank) core mission achievement. It is to be considered with the agency’s Advisory Bulletin 2010-AB-02, Strategic Plans. The bulletin also describes how FHFA will assess the banks core mission achievement, as well as FHFAs expectations about the content of the strategic plans for banks with core mission assets below specified levels.

“The mission of the banks is to provide to their members and housing associates financial products and services, including but not limited to advances, that assist and enhance such members and housing associates financing...

Responses are in candidates own words, edited for spelling and listed in alphabetical order.

Lance Hardy (Democrat): I believe the City of Poughkeepsie Fire Department is in need of additional support as far as extra firefighters. My concern is for the safety of our firefighters and the residents of Poughkeepsie. As mayor, I intend to stand by the National Fire Protection Association in recommending the department have a 15-member team. It’s been brought to my attention that the City of Poughkeepsie Police Department is so understaffed that because of all the shootings, the officers were being pulled off the streets to attend a special training. That left the City of Poughkeepsie...